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Native American Arts is a Native American Indian owned company (owners are members of the Ho-Chunk Nation.) and we are in the business of producing, developing and marketing a variety of authentic Native American Indian arts and crafts as well as silver and turquoise jewelry items. All of our products are created by American Indian Artisans carrying forward the bloodlines of their ancestors, and the cultural expressions of their respective Native American Indian Tribal heritage.

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We proudly offer the continually expanding portfolio of U.S. Indian art and craft before you now at our web store. Native American Arts runs permanent and temporary "brick and mortar" stores as well as traveling arts and crafts shows, tradeshows, art fairs and powwows. Inquire regarding current store locations and show schedules. (Also visit us at for more Native Culture and Community.) All of our pieces are crafted by Native People who are enrolled Tribal members of Sovereign Indian Nations recognized [very large PDF link] by the United States Federal Government. Only American Indian artists and crafters who make authentic American Indian merchandise are invited to submit products for consideration by Native American Arts.

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This means enthusiasts, collectors and others who are interested in both traditional and contemporary handmade high-quality Indian pieces can take pride in acquiring products from our genuine offerings of authentic American Indian tribal culture and heritage; along with the evolving Indian made products of the present day Native American Indian experience and expression.