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Pueblo Mask - PM503

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Your Price: $72.00
Item: PM503
Manufacturer: Pueblo Tribal Member
Produced by: Native American Arts
Color: Blue, Red
Material: Fur, Clay, Feather
Authentic hand-made collectible Native American Indian Mask. This Pueblo mask is made with kiln fired liquid clay, rabbit fur, beads and feathers. The white, blue and red feathers have the ends beaded with turquoise, red, orange and yellow colored beads. There is a butterfly image and Indian design medicine wheel painted on the mask with red and blue paint. This mask is 11 inches long and 8 inches wide. This Pueblo mask will enhance any room’s decor. Add depth to your wall hangings with a 3 inch thick mask. *** Made by a Santo Domingo Pueblo Indian. *** Great gift! Usually ships within three business days. Due to this mask being handmade, items shipped may be slightly different then offered.